Modern Creations is language used to describe innovations that inspire. Over the last decade or so, you’d probably refer to interactive technologies & experiences, digital & visual communications, mobile & social media, and just about every other contemporary solution we stumble upon as modern creations. Whether discovered on our own, because of others, or in competitive products and services, modern creations give us something to look forward to in the future. They are what make tomorrows better. More efficient. More exciting. “Modern Creations” by definition, identify a want, a need, or a perspective; and deliver an enjoyable experience through interactive connection building stimulus.

When I started this agency back in 2003, I wanted our name to reflect the significant business innovations we’d make available and accessible to small and medium sized companies. Words that would offer perspective into the people that make up our team and the experiential, digital, and physical media solutions that we would be providing to our clients not only at the time but also into the future. Modern Creations (or MOCA for short, as we have come to call it after our favorite stimulus) is an all inclusive (Creative, Print, Web, PR) brand experience agency serving some of the most awe-inspiring clientele throughout the United States for well over a decade now and as of the last few years we’ve expanded our reach a bit further to select international clientele.

Aside from a good cup of coffee – we as a collective of creative and analytical minds seem to all agree two things really inspire us.. Knowing every single project is another opportunity to forever learn more about our craft across different industry environments. And witnessing (and experiencing) those ah-ha moments and the smiles they bring to people’s faces. At MOCA it’s personal; we take pride in what we do. We provide discovery, assessment, and exposure services that produce results and relationships between brands and consumers via our extensive design, print, internet development, social media & public relations capabilities. It’s feels pretty good to say we bring people together for a living

We believe our brand’s longevity is not only attributed to our team’s attention to detail and our ability to execute; but because it is our goal to master each task we are put to. It’s all about that humble creative passion, that new opportunity to dig a bit deeper, and that excitement of finding out we get to take part in your next big thing.

Modern Creations are who we are & what we build.

Anthony Lamanna, Executive Director